Amazon Fire Stick What's New? That's You Need to Know
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Amazon Fire Stick What’s New? That’s You Need to Know


  • Amazon Release a new Amazon Fire Stick 4K on Wednesday ( Sep 19 2018 )
  • Amazon now supports 4K content in a New form factor.
  • The Best Part of Amazon Fire Stick is Remotenew Remote include volume controls.
  • Easy To Navigate
  • Alexa WEll integrated

Price & Launched Date of Amazon Fire Stick

Founder & Chief Executive Officer of, speaks during a discussion at the Air Force Association‘s Air, Space and Cyber Conference in National Harbor, Maryland, U.S., on Wednesday, Sept. 19, 2018. 

Price:- ( Rs.3,999.00 )-( $49.99 ).

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What is Amazon Fire Stick?

Amazon Fire Stick (this Amazon Fire TV Stick) is the second generation of the company’s cheap video streaming device.

You can stream with Amazon Video, as well as the full roster of Netflix and UK’s catch-up services. There are many more apps, including Prime Music and Spotify, as well as access to Amazon’s growing game library.

So What’s New? on Amazon Fire Stick

Amazon Fire Stick What's New? That's You Need to Know

For starters, the interface was an overall to make it very beautiful and easy to use. It will filter out the old devices over time, however, as the Alexa Voice Control, the real benefits of the new stick are its faster processor and better Wi-Fi. Amazon Fire Stick only goes up to full HD 1080p resolution and goes against (but still excellent) Chromecast or platform-agnostic stop Express.

  • If you want 4 ultra HD or HDR video, see full-size Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV4’s, Google Chromecast Ultra or Rocko Streaming Stick Plus.

Amazon Fire Stick – Design and Construction

  • Amazon looks like a memory stick on steroids and is designed to plug directly into the HDMI port on your TV. It is a clean design located in plastic. It will be a bit cracked on squeezing but seems difficult enough for the purpose.
  • Amazon Fire Stick has 9 cm long and in about 3 cm depth, you need a little room on your TV back panel, especially when you consider making space for micro cable power supply. Thankfully, if it’s too much of the squeeze, there is an HDMI expander in the box to free some space in Amazon.
  • Also the remote is the same one you will be joining with the weird Amazon Fire TV Box. It’s very easy, offering a handful of D-pad, playback controls for navigation and all the important voice input keys. It’s good that it is included now, though the iOS and Android apps do a similarly good job and can activate the same Alexa command.

Amazon Fire StickSet Up and Interface

  • Now Setting up your fire stick is really simple. Just plug it into an additional HDMI slot on your TV, and plug it into a USB power cable.
  • Some on-screen instructions will be paired with your Alexa Remote and Fire TV stick will be installed on your home network.
  • If you are familiar with the last fire TV stick, you will immediately see that the interface has been redesigned. The main navigation menu has moved from the top, and with a suggested content, a new image-led carousel dominates the top portion of the screen.
  • The idea is that the Amazon Fire Stick will learn your viewing habits over time and will tell you to attract you to the video teller.
  • During a week’s trial, the selections improved to include improved programs and movies, I would be more likely to choose, including material from other providers like Netflix.
  • Once you start watching the show, clicking on the remote will open Amazon’s X-ray facility to learn more about the cast.
  • In addition to downloading the app, I found that the homepage was the only place I should have. In a side-scrolling menu below the carousel, you will find your latest shows and apps for quick access.
  • Below this, you can browse and organize your downloaded apps, scroll several menus of prime suggested content, and also for Netflix (subscription dependent)

This is especially fresh about this version of Amazon Fire Stick. While Amazon Prime content is still its bread and butter (and dominates its menu) it is not hard to find materials from other providers as it was before.


For Example

Amazon offers the Breaking Bad as a paid-for box set while viewing at Netflix is free. If you search for it, then Fire TV will suggest that you see it first on Netflix, the option to buy it in the “More ways to see” menu. It seems that this is working for the user, not for himself, how it should be.

For Prime Subscriber

Although it is still a lot of device for the purpose of prime subscribers, and I definitely recommend signing up for the service so that it can get more profit from it. With its new monthly subscription option (£ 7.99 / $ 8.99 per month), it is still more accessible.

Amazon Fire Stick

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