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Apple IOS 12.1 Released with Group Facetime | new Emoji etc

Apple IOS 12.1 

  • Early iPhone XR review, Apple IOS 12.1 autograph fix, next week’s Apple event, and …
    Apple did not waste any time to jump on the first point release of its latest mobile operating system to release the beta first 24 hours after the release of iOS 12.1
  • Now, Apple is ready to Released IOS 12.1. This group reappears facetime, fixes bugs, adds emoji, and contains a number of hints about the new iPad, which we can see this fall.
Updated (10/29/18): Apple has announced that Apple IOS 12.1 will be released on October 30.

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What is Apple IOS 12.1

Group Facetime: Apple removed the iOS 12 feature from iOS 12 Beta in August, and promised that it will be available in the iOS 12 update later this year. Apple is now ready to ship the facility with some additional Facetime features, including automatic detection of active speakers, ringless notifications when calling more than one person, and integration into messages.

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New Emoji:

Apple IOS 12.1

Back in July, for World Emoji Day, Apple announced that the standard Emoji 11.0 list is coming in iOS 12. It did not release the initial, but it is going to be part of iOS 12.1. New emoji includes red hair, brown hair, and curly hair, superheroes and villains, and a lot of food, animals and games.

IOS 12.1 Emoji IDG

Fix for ‘bugging’ self-lubricating: Apple has acknowledged that a bug in the smart HDR system on iPhone Xs has chosen the long-term exposure base frame while creating the image, which results in soft look. In iOS 12.1, it says that the system always selects a fast, small-exposure base frame, which will bring some sharpness back on the image.

ESIM support:

E-SIM functionality built in iOS Xs, Xs Max and XR have been turned on in the latest Apple IOS 12.1 beta. They also require carrier support, but all four major American carriers have announced plans to support this facility.

Depending on the camera control:

On iPhone Xs, Xs Max and XR, you can control the strength of the field effect in depth on portrait mode photos after you move them. IOS 12.1 Adds the ability to tap a small (F) button in the upper right corner of the Camera app to show a slider that lets you control the effect in real-time while taking photos.

Bug Fixes:

Apple IOS 12.1
Apple Released IOS 12.1

There are some important bugs in Apple to fix iOS 12, though we do not know which people will be addressed in the final release of Apple IOS 12.1. Some users are called Beta 2 to solve the reported charging problem.

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Apple IOS 12.1

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