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Different types of computer

Types of Computer | That You Need to Know

There are Different Types of Computer. When we talking about types of computer, it is placed in homes or workplaces in our brain, or they think about Notebooks & Laptop. Actually, computers are not limited here. Computers are all around us they can keep them in various categories based on application, size & functionality. Mainly […]

Apple Watch Series 4 Release Date, Price and Specs
Gadgets Technology

Apple Watch Series 4 Release Date, Price and Specs

Apple Watch Series Release Date, Price and Specs Whatever you need to know about the new Apple Watch series 4, which launches on September 21¬†brings a major Redesign and a Wide Range of Health and Fitness Facilities. The Apple Watch Series 4 was unveiled at the company’s September 12 iPhone Xs | Launch Event. It […]

Apple iPhone Xs | iPhone Xs Max | iPhone Xr

Apple iPhone Xs | iPhone Xs Max | iPhone Xr Now Launched Full Spec

Apple iPhone Xs | iPhone Xs Max | iPhone Xr Apple launches its latest iPhone series on Wednesday night. The company also launched three new iPhones like 2017 this year. We are talking about¬†Apple iPhone Xs | iPhone Xs Max | iPhone Xr At the same time, the iPhone XS Max handset with a 6.5-inch […]

Samsung Opera House Bangalore
Latest Technology News

Samsung Opera House Opens Biggest Store in Bangalore

Samsung Opera House Bangalore South Korean Company technical head Samsung set up the world’s largest Samsung Opera House¬†mobile experience centre in Bangalore on Tuesday, two months after its largest mobile factory was opened in Noida. Samsung Electronics has chosen IT city Bangalore to set up the world’s largest mobile experience centre. The company says that […]

What is Computer?

What is Computer? | Brief Description

What is Computer? A computer is an electronic device that accepts the data as an input, operates on data based on the instructions stored in memory and generates the output. The general representation of the computer is shown below:   Some Important Computer parts: A computer is made up of two components: Hardware and Software. […]

Future of Cloud Computing

Future of Cloud Computing | Hybrid Cloud

What is the hybrid cloud & Future of Cloud Computing? Future of¬†Cloud Computing, the Hybrid cloud is a building which combines features of a public cloud and a private cloud which remains unique functions in an organization. Future of Cloud Computing, According to a research of Gartner Inc., the world‚Äôs leading information technology research and […]

Writing First C++ Program of displaying Hello....!!

Writing First C++ Program of displaying Hello…!!

First C++ Program We are starting some amazing new tutorial series with one of the simplest program that can be written in the First C++ Program language.Which you can easily to implement. //a hello world program in C++ #include<iostream.h> int main() { cout<<” Hello….!!”; return 0; } Output:- Hello….!! ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† […]

Google Tez  now Google Pay
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Google re-Launched Google Tez  now Google Pay

Google Tez¬† now Google Pay At its final Google for India events, Google tells that Google Pay, which earlier known as Google Tez, where Google also will offer instant bank loans also to its users with some short paperwork. Now¬†Google Re-Launched their latest¬†payment app as¬†Google Tez¬† now Google Pay The Google Tez mobile wallet app […]

Samsung's India New Mobile Phone Factory comes to India.
Latest Technology News

Latest News | Samsung’s New Mobile Phone Factory Now in India!

Samsung’s New¬†Mobile Phone Factory comes to India. The World biggest mobile factory Samsung’s new mobile phone factory come to, in India. The Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi, and the President of Korea, Moon Jae-organising the new mobile phone manufacturing facility in Noida, Uttar Pradesh. The biggest mobile company Samsung starting the manufacturing at the […]