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Best Youtube Video Downloader Software For Pc Content:           A:- Videoder                  B:- Ummy In today’s world, the world’s second largest search engine is YouTube where many videos are not uploaded daily. Over time, the trend of learning by watching videos on the Internet is […]

How to Secure Data | Apply these 6 Secret Techniques.

How to Secure Data | Apply these 6 Secret Techniques.

Apply these 6 Secret Techniques & See How to Secure Data Your PC is everything for you. You use it to play entertainment, play games, watch the video and simultaneously you work hard on it and store important Data This data also includes your memorabilia photos, music and videos with many documents related to personal […]

Different Types of Computers

Different Types of Computers | That’s You Need to Know

What are the Different Types of Computers? There are Different Types of Computers, When most people hear computer words, they think of personal computers like desktops or laptops. However, computers come in many sizes, and they do many different tasks in our daily lives. When you withdraw cash from an ATM, scan groceries in the […]

Different types of computer

Types of Computer | That You Need to Know

There are Different Types of Computer. When we talking about types of computer, it is placed in homes or workplaces in our brain, or they think about Notebooks & Laptop. Actually, computers are not limited here. Computers are all around us they can keep them in various categories based on application, size & functionality. Mainly […]

What is Computer?

What is Computer? | Brief Description

What is Computer? A computer is an electronic device that accepts the data as an input, operates on data based on the instructions stored in memory and generates the output. The general representation of the computer is shown below:   Some Important Computer parts: A computer is made up of two components: Hardware and Software. […]