Features of Java | That you Need's to Know

Features of Java | That you Need’s to Know

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Today we will discuss the Features of JAVA

Features of Java | That you Need's to Know
Features of Java | That you Need’s to Know


 JAVA is simple but how?… We have three reasons why JAVA is simple.

Features of  Java | Beginner Guide

  •   JAVA works on the same syntax as C and C++ does
  •  JAVA neglects the use of Pointer and Data Structure which were very complex in C and C++
  •  In C we need to write comments to make it easy for the third person to know what your program is about and what type of functions and variable you used while coding.
  • On the other hand, In JAVA the programmer need not write comments by default a file named Javadoc is created hand by hand, if there seems to be a need of the third programmer to have a look on the code he can easily understand what types of methods and no. of variables are used in the program.


  • JAVA language is totally secure because it uses Sandbox Security Model this model creates a secure path in your main memory. If you force to bypass the secure area you won’t be able to do this because JAVA allocates memory during runtime.
  • The programmer can only excess those files which are inside the reserve path created under Sandbox Security Model JAVA doesn’t permit to give the excess to the file outside the reserve area.

Features of the Java | That you Need’s to Know

Platform Independent/ Architecture Neutral/ Portable-:

Features of Java | That you Need's to Know
Features of Java | That you Need’s to Know
  • JAVA program is platform independent i.e. it can be run on any of the operating system or any platform after compiling JAVA code we get a (.)class file which is also known as bytecode which can be run on any platform, JAVA code is neither depend on Hardware nor Software, so no need to read about OS .
  • It is architectural neutral which means it is like water which can take any shape in which it is poured. It is portable sense it can be transferred anywhere through social networking or storing in a disk or pen drive.

Object Oriented-:

The object can be a noun or a thing which may exist or maybe our imagination. An object has two elements

  1.  Known for something. 
  2.  Ability to do something.
  • Known for something-: Known for something here describes the state like a pen, car, fan, table, chair, etc. these all things are known by some name or they can be recognized.
  • Ability to do something-: Ability to do something here describes the behaviour write, drive, rotate, keep, sit, etc. these all show the behaviour of the above examples of state.

Features of object-oriented

  • Encapsulation
  • Polymorphism
  • Inheritance
  • Abstraction


  • JAVA is Robust which means it is stable and cannot be corrupted due to the occurrence of exceptions in the code.


JAVA gains the property of robust due to its one of the concept present in it that is Exception Handling and the other one Dynamic Memory Management.

  • Exception Handling-: Exception handling is a class in java which provides solutions to all the exceptions which can occur during the writing of a code the programmer need not handle himself this all is done by the Exception handling class we just need to call the class where we feel to need.
  • Dynamic Memory Management-: Dynamic memory management here refers that JAVA uses memory during runtime so there are very rare chances to throw any exceptions to the program.


  • In JAVA Multi-threaded is a concept of creating, running and manipulating the threads. A programmer can create a number of threads and can execute them parallel resulting is fast execution.
  • Using thread provides the advantage of Multitasking


The ability to run two or more programs parallel is known as multitasking.

Internationalization (I18N)-:

This feature is used for the local representation like when the app is used in India is shows the Indian time and when the app is used in Russia is shown the Russian time, it also consists of more features in it like representation of money in India is shows like (2,00,000) and in America it will show like(200,000) in India the comma is placed first three then after two and in America after every three digit.

Features of Java | That you Need’s to Know

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