Google Tez  now Google Pay
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Google re-Launched Google Tez  now Google Pay

Google Tez  now Google Pay

At its final Google for India events, Google tells that Google Pay, which earlier known as Google Tez, where Google also will offer instant bank loans also to its users with some short paperwork. Now Google Re-Launched their latest payment app as Google Tez  now Google Pay

Google Tez now Google Pay.

The Google Tez mobile wallet app is based on the Unified Payments Interface (UPI) which is shortly and easily connected to Bank Account and Google Tez has supported over 60 banks such as Axis, State Bank of India, HDFC, ICICI among others. Now Google announced that Google Tez now Google Pay, or easily to pay client or gain more cashback in Google Pay.

The report of Google said might even opt for “evoke flow” where it is easily considered process once UPI is given access on the Play Store.

So that the user selects an option on the UPI as the payment mode, they may get easily payment request message on their mobile UPI app. The user then might have to open the app and give their authorisation for the transaction to take place.

Some Focused point Google Tez now Google Pay:

  • A renamed version of its payments application, Google Pay will tell a new some line of features such as pre-approved loans.
  • People are using Google Pay to transaction securely at over 2,000 online apps and sites.
  • ·  Google Pay also plans to enable payments at retail locations like FBB etc by the last of the year.

Google Pay had managed to make its mark in the mobile wallet segment in the country besides other apps such as PayTm, PhonePe and many more and it has crossed more than 50 million downloads.

” Many governments are telling us to work with them to bring same digital payments innovations to their countries,” Google said.

Google CEO Sundar Pichai had said the Tez is the central company’s India strategy and it is also a key to global payments push.

  • Google Tez now Google Pay.
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