Future of Cloud Computing

Future of Cloud Computing | Hybrid Cloud

What is the hybrid cloud & Future of Cloud Computing?

Future of Cloud Computing, the Hybrid cloud is a building which combines features of a public cloud and a private cloud which remains unique functions in an organization.

Future of Cloud Computing

Future of Cloud Computing, According to a research of Gartner Inc., the world’s leading information technology research and advisory company, by the end of 2017, an estimated about 50% of large companies will choose hybrid cloud computing development. By 2018, there will have up to 75% workloads use hybrid cloud computing.

A 2014 research of Gartner Inc. shows that there is about 48% of large companies change to adopt hybrid cloud by 2016.

The above data from Gartner Inc implies that the hybrid cloud will dominate in the future. It is obvious that hybrid cloud is the best solution for large companies who expect to know more about the flexibility and scalability of the public cloud.

Why are large companies going hybrid way?

Many have thought that this combination offers better performance, friendly use, low risk, cost-effectiveness and greater control and security than other cloud computing tech.

Look at some following recommends and find out the suitable reason that makes large companies adopt them.

  •  The environment of Future of Cloud Computing  (Hybrid)

    One of the most important things in choosing a hybrid system is that it offers better performance control, testing frequently and data ingress and/or egress.

This means that using cloud computing (hybrid), companies will have rights to maintain control of the private cloud and trust in the public cloud as required.

Moreover, using cloud computing can increase workplace connectivity. Aside from just managing files, many companies must also incorporate with another business process such as CRM systems, the business intelligence of the organization, internal messaging and scheduling.

  • Greater security

    A hybrid cloud system is considered as a good solution because it offers greater security due to utilizing private cloud services to control business-related data.

This will allow companies to ensure compliance and use the right technologies and procedures for backup, archiving and recovery.

It also makes sure that companies will manage security features and compliance policies across the public and private cloud.

Future of Cloud Computing

  • Cost-effectiveness

    Comparing to an all-private cloud or an all-public cloud system, hybrid cloud computing is more cost-effective because the companies can lower their hosting costs.

  • Save cost efficiency.

    However, to save cost-effectively, the companies have to know obviously about their workloads and behaviours through the size of computing, requirements of storage, egress by the zone of network and the utilization of computing.

Hybrid Cloud Is The Future of Cloud Computing.

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