Leather Laptop!! Yes.. HP really made
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Leather Laptop!! Yes… HP really made | Full Spec

Now HP Really Made up 100 % Real Leather Laptop

Earlier number of laptops are made by HP( Hewlett-Packard ),  But Know HP Made Up Leather Laptop,  In the world according to goods package of research firms IDE and GARTNER, but the thing is HP did not get always high rating due to unibody aluminium or ultra-lightweight models made by its competitors.

Leather Laptop


Leather Laptop!! Yes.. HP really made
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This is what HP has done to get Attention. A high-end laptop that’s bonded with leather, and that HP is crawling in the market. It provides a convertible design, which means it can be propped up, turned into a tablet, tented, or just used as a regular laptop.  The shadow design is slightly different from other laptops too. Rather than folding the display backwards, you’re supposed to pull it forward, directly over the keyboard, where magnets clip the display into place either at the base of the key tray (if you shade the display) or at the edge of the laptop’s bottom half (if you’re laying it flat).

Specification of Leather Laptop Made By HP

  • 13.3-inch touchscreen display: a 1-watt, full HD panel, a regular full HD panel, and a 4K display.
  • The keyboard is plushy, noisy, and backlit.
  • Front-facing Bang and Olufsen speakers.
  • A 3.5-millimetre headphone jack.
  • The front camera supports Windows Hello authentication.
  • 18 hours of battery life.
  • Two USB-C ports and one Thunderbolt.

The 1-watt display is a new technology from Intel that’s supposed to undoubtedly reduce power consumption over standard display panels. The notebook also has Intel’s new low-power processor, Amber Lake-Y, which is still part of the 8th-generation chip family from Intel. More notably, HP claims this laptop has the world’s smallest motherboard, which it co-developed with Intel. 

Boldly made from 100% real leather

Leather Laptop!! Yes.. HP really made | Full Spec

Made of durable chrome-tanned leather, the perfect artisan-inspired craftsmanship in HP Specter Folio – easily closes into a distinguished, elegant object of timeless design and modern innovation merges-desires.

Groundbreaking design 3 ways it makes you friendly

Leather Laptop!! Yes.. HP really made | Full Spec

Thin, lightweight, and easily adaptable-HP Specter Folio easily accepts your needs. Review the documents and stay productive in the case of a laptop, flat the screen and edit the photo with the HP pen in tablet position, or slide the screen to move the screen, perfect for viewing movies.

HP provides a nano-SIM card slot wedged into the top cover of the laptop, which based on my brief primary time with the machine, seems to be an clumsy place for it. Fortunately, there’s also a digital eSIM embedded in the laptop.

Tan claims that leather, in spite of its weight, was still

appealing to the sensory experiences … the leather is warm to the touch. It doesn’t get hot like metal.

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