Google Chromecast 2 | Streaming Dongle | India
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Google Chromecast 2 | Streaming Dongle | India

Now Google has launched their Amazing & Attractive Device, Google Chromecast 2 and Google Chromecast Audio in India. Many of you will have information about it. But many people do not know about it what is Chromecast…? We tell you all about what you can do with this device. At the same time, we will […]

Amazon Fire Stick What's New? That's You Need to Know
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Amazon Fire Stick What’s New? That’s You Need to Know

Highlight Amazon Release a new Amazon Fire Stick 4K on Wednesday ( Sep 19 2018 ) Amazon now supports 4K content in a New form factor. The Best Part of Amazon Fire Stick is Remote, new Remote include volume controls. Easy To Navigate Alexa WEll integrated Price & Launched Date of Amazon Fire Stick Founder & Chief Executive […]

Leather Laptop!! Yes.. HP really made
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Leather Laptop!! Yes… HP really made | Full Spec

Now HP Really Made up 100 % Real Leather Laptop ( POWERFULL, THIN, SMART ) Earlier number of laptops are made by HP( Hewlett-Packard ),  But Know HP Made Up Leather Laptop,  In the world according to goods package of research firms IDE and GARTNER, but the thing is HP did not get always high rating due to unibody aluminium […]

Samsung Galaxy A9 Star Launch Date | Full Spec & Price

Samsung Galaxy A9 Star Launch Date | Full Spec & Price

Now Biggest Mobile Company Samsung, upcoming Mobile phone & Latest unique features:- Samsung Galaxy A9 Star Some Brief Description About “Samsung” Galaxy A9 Star Samsung Revealed New Mobile Phone Samsung Galaxy A9 Star, Samsung was founded by LeeByung-Chul in 1938 as a trading company. Samsung electronics spent an estimated $ 14 billion on advertising and marketing. […]


Types of Variables in JAVA Programming Language

Types of Variables in JAVA Now we Learn Types of Variables in Java, But remember the last topic we learned ‘the data-types’ the main reason to use data-types was to make sure to choose the keyword that can signify the type of data that is being used. But wait, we are telling the machine that we […]

Apple New Policy
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Apple New Policy | Includes Tracking | Calls & Emails

Apple New Policy Now Apple New Policy has been revealed,In a Last few months of ago Apple has a busy with the release of a number of new products, like  iPhone Xs, iPhone Xs Max, iPhone XR and the Apple Watch 4 were all turn out at the quick time and have a lot of Amazing features, taking technology and innovation […]

Java: What the f ! (The confusion that is Java)

Java: What the f ! (The confusion that is Java)

Java is one of the world’s most important and widely used computer language. It has kept that spot for many years. Much of the modern world runs on Java. It is still the first choice of many developers for developing web-based and Android applications. But, for some time, keeping all that praise aside, let’s talk […]

Mobile Realme

Realme 2 Pro | Newly Launched | Price & Full Spec

Introduction and Performance of Realme 2 Pro. Realme 2 Pro is an upgraded version of Realme 2. The difference is that Realme 2 Pro comes with an advanced set of optics. The device places a fingerprint sensor on the back and also has a face unlock feature which acts as an attraction. The smartphone is […]

Different Types of Computers

Different Types of Computers | That’s You Need to Know

What are the Different Types of Computers? There are Different Types of Computers, When most people hear computer words, they think of personal computers like desktops or laptops. However, computers come in many sizes, and they do many different tasks in our daily lives. When you withdraw cash from an ATM, scan groceries in the […]

Alexa Amazon | What is Alexa | How it is used |Full Review

Alexa Amazon | What is Alexa | Uses | Full Review

Firstly you can Catch up on the basics of Amazon virtual assistant. Alexa Amazon is a one of the Famous Amazon’s Product, It likes as a Digital Assistant, & here one of the easiest and excellent recognisable voices of their smart home technology. Highlight Content A:- What is Alexa? B:- How does Alexa work? C:- […]