Samsung Opera House Bangalore
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Samsung Opera House Opens Biggest Store in Bangalore

Samsung Opera House Bangalore

South Korean Company technical head Samsung set up the world’s largest Samsung Opera House mobile experience centre in Bangalore on Tuesday, two months after its largest mobile factory was opened in Noida.

Samsung Opera House Bangalore

Samsung Electronics has chosen IT city Bangalore to set up the world’s largest mobile experience centre. The company says that there is no more anywhere in the world, it has a mobile experience centre of 33,000 square feet. Called as the Samsung Opera House, this store is located in IT city’s central business district and is located in a standalone building that hosts operas and plays during the British era. The company took two years to establish the centre.

The main reason for selecting Bangalore for setting up this centre for Samsung is that the city has Samsung’s R & D Institute, which is the largest R & D centre in the company outside South Korea.

The company’s Bangalore R & D Institute is working with continuous startup and the company aims to include its R & D centre here to become part of regular technology sessions in its opera house.

Samsung Opera House Bangalore

Bengaluru is the technology capital of the country and it is an innovation centre, Opera House can be an ideal platform for various technical sessions and can work as a meeting place for various startups Also, in the centre kitchen area Various chefs will also show which will showcase their talents using our products at the centre.

The comedians will be standing and performing specially. Mohandeep Singh, Senior Vice President of Samsung India’s Mobile Business, said, “We will be in the other big cities of India in the near future. They are planning such ten similar stores. ”

Singh also said that the program of programs at the opera house will be kept on the company’s website. Singh commented, “We want to work with as many people as possible and want to include many more technologies in the Samsung Opera House Bangalore.”

In addition, the Center will also focus on transformative technologies like Virtual Reality (VR), Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the Internet of Things (IoT), which is working at the global level. A visitor will also be able to experience VR technology such as the 4D Self Chair or Whiplash Pulsar 4D chair which creates 360-degree three-dimensional movements.

The Opera House also hosts VR experiences such as Kayaking or Rowing and Cycling. Consumers will be able to pre-book the centre’s home theatre zone to watch movies and shows with their families.

Interestingly, Samsung’s largest mobile experience area came in a few months after setting up the world’s largest mobile manufacturing unit in Noida in July this year.

Samsung Opera House Bangalore

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