Different types of computer

Types of Computer | That You Need to Know

There are Different Types of Computer.

When we talking about types of computer, it is placed in homes or workplaces in our brain, or they think about Notebooks & Laptop. Actually, computers are not limited here.

Computers are all around us they can keep them in various categories based on application, size & functionality.

Mainly computer is divided into five types.

But, here we have divided the computer into just three main categories. We have divided Computer into the following three categories.

  • Application
  • Size
  • Purpose
  •  Modernity

There are some types of computers which is based on the application

1. Analog Computer

Types of Computer
Types of Computer

Analog Computer is a machine that shows a physical quantity (pressure, temperature, height, height etc) to the statistics, these statistics change continuously (continuously). The functionality of the Analog Computer is fast. They get results like graph etc. Analog Computer can not store statistics. They are used in the fields of technology, science, education etc.

2. Digital Computer

Types of Computer
Types of Computer

This computer is different from Analog Computer. A computer that processes information in a numerical form is called Digital Computer. Digital Computer uses the Binary System (0,1) to display information in numerical form. This computer is capable of performing logical and logical tasks. E.g., a calculator.

These computers are slightly slower than Analog Computer but are purer in the result. Digital Computer can store the information. A digital computer counts and analogue computer measures.

3. Hybrid Computer

Types of Computer
Types of Computer

These computers are for an Analog Computer and a Digital Computer speciality. Hybrid Computer is faster than these two types of computers and results are pure. In these computers, Digital Computer is meant to perform a regular and numerical function, whereas, Analog Computer solves the problem.

They are used in complex mathematical equations, scientific calculations and defence etc.  Speedometer etc. are easy examples of Hybrid Computer.

Different types of computer

Types of Computer on the basis of Purpose

Types of Computer
Types of Computer

1. General Purpose Computer

  • The computers we use today are all about the General Purpose Computer. You are reading this lesson on a general purpose computer and we have prepared this text on a general purpose computer.
  • A common purpose computer is a computer that has the ability to do many activities.
  • You can write a research paper, prepare your home, office budget, do business sales charts, etc. by the same machine. Desktop, Notebooks etc. are all general purpose computers.

2. Special Purpose Computer

  • As the name suggests, these types of computers are developed to do any particular task.
  • Their job is to perform only one type of work. Eg, transport control, forecast weather etc.
  • These types of computers are much faster than general purpose computers. However, these computers cannot perform a different type of work like a general purpose computer.

There are 4 Types of Computers based on size

Types of Computer
Types of Computer

1. Micro Computer

  • Micro Computer is a fast-growing and widely used computer. It is cheaper and lighter than all kinds of computers. It is also the smallest in size.
  • This type of computer has been developed for general purpose such as entertainment, education, home and office use etc.
  • PCs, Notebooks, Laptops, PDAs (Personal Digital Assistants) etc. are Micro Computer.

2. Mini Computer

Minicomputers are also called ‘Mid-range Computer’. They are used by small businesses and business establishments. Mini Computers is not developed for Single User. They are used by a company to carry out some work in one particular department.

3. Mainframe Computer

  • A Mainframe computer is faster and more powerful than all the computers described above.
  • They are used by governmental establishments, large companies to store statistics.
  • These computers are very large in size.

4. Super Computer

  1. Super Computer is the fastest and powerful computer ever built by humans. These computers are very large and expensive in size.
  2. These are used by large organizations in research work, weather forecasting, technology etc.
  3. Summit Super Computer is the fastest supercomputers ever.
  • India had its first supercomputer PARAM – 8000 in 1991.
  • The ultimate computer was developed by C-DAC, an India-based organization.
  • After the ultimate, many supercomputers have been created in India.
  • And many are also included in Top 500 Super Computers.
  • India’s fastest supercomputer is Pratyush and Mihir.

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Different types of computer

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