What is the best programming language for robotics?

What is the best programming language for robotics?

This is a question that many new robots will ask at least once in their career. Unfortunately, this is also a question with no simple answer. In this post, we will look at the top 10 most popular programming languages used in Robotics. We will discuss the reasons and the reasons for using them, along with their strengths and weaknesses. This is actually a very fair question. After all, what does it mean to spend a lot of time and effort in learning new programming languages, if it turns out that you are not going to use it? If you are a new robot, you want to learn programming languages that are really going to be useful for your career.best programming language for robotics?

Why “It Depends” is a useless answer

What is the best programming language for robotics?
What is the best programming language for robotics?

Unfortunately, you will never get a simple answer if you asked “What is the best programming language for robotics?” Robotics professionals (or forums such as Stack Overflow, Quora, Troons, Reddit or Research Center)

Electronic engineers will answer differently from industrial robot technicians. Computer vision programmers will give a different answer than cognitive robotics. And everyone will disagree with what “best programming language for robotics” is. In the end, the answer that most people will agree with is “it depends.” This is a very useless answer to new robotics which is trying to fix it. Language to learn first Even though this is the most realistic answer,  because it depends on what type of application you want to develop and what system you are using.

Which Programming Language for Robotics Should I Learn?

It is better to ask which programming language for robotics should you start learning first? You will still get different opinions, but many robots can agree on major languages.

As we discussed the essential robot skills in our post, the most important thing for Robotics is that instead of being skilled in a particular language, developing “programming mindset”. In many ways, it really does not matter which programming language you learn. Every language you learn develops your proficiency with a programming mindset and makes it easy to learn any new language whenever needed.robot and ladder human programming robots

Top 10 Best programming languages ​​in robotics

There are more than 1500 programming languages for robotics in the world, which are far away from learning. Currently Robotics has ten most popular programming languages. If your preferred roboticists are not on the list, please tell everyone about it in comments! Each language has different advantages for robotics. The way I have ordered them is only partially in the order of importance from at least the most valuable.

Basic / Pascal

Basic and Pascal were two of the first programming languages I have ever learned. However, that is why I have not included them here. They are the basis for many of the industrial robot languages described below. Basic was designed for beginners (this is for the initial all-typhus symbolic instruction code), which makes it a very simple language to begin. Pascal was designed to encourage good programming practice and also introduces constructors such as Points, which makes it a good “stepping stone” for the more involved than the basic language. These days, both languages are slightly old for “everyday use”. However, it can be useful to learn them if you are going to very low-level coding or you want to become familiar with other digital radio languages.

Industrial robot languages

Almost every robot maker has developed its proprietary robot programming language, which is one of the problems in industrial robotics. By learning Pascal you can get acquainted with many of them. However, you still want to learn a new language when you start using a new robot.

In recent years, programming options like ROS Industrial have started to provide more standardized options for programmers. However, if you are a technician, you are more likely to use the manufacturer’s language.


LISP is the world’s second oldest programming language (Fortran is old but only one year). It is not widely used in this list as other programming languages; However, it is still very important within Artificial Intelligence programming. Parts of the ROS are written in LISP, however, you do not need to know it to use ROS.

Hardware Description Languages (HDL)

Hardware Description Languages is low-level programming way of describing electronics. These languages are quite familiar with some roboticists, because they are used to program field programmable gate arrays (FPGAs). FPGAs really help you

   Best Programming Language for Robotics?

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