Writing First C++ Program of displaying Hello....!!

Writing First C++ Program of displaying Hello…!!

First C++ Program

We are starting some amazing new tutorial series with one of the simplest program that can be written in the First C++ Program language.Which you can easily to implement.

//a hello world program in C++


int main()


cout<<” Hello….!!”;

return 0;




                  Writing First C++ Program of displaying Hello....!!

the first program which is Hello World which is very simplest programs & where it already contains the basic fundamental components that every C++ Program has. Don’t afraid we will take a look at the code line by line.

Some Important key point of 

First C++ Program:

Let’s point this program line by line:

1-Open your favourite IDE for example ( Turbo C++, Borland C++, Dev C++ etc), Here ( you should always type, don’t use cut & paste). It is better for your learning purpose & speeds your coding writing skill ’s.

2-Firstly Go to your favourite IDE (File Menu ) & Save the program with any name you choose but you must know that your file name or file name extension is always in (.cpp).

 For example hello.cpp.

3-Then write your code in your favourite IDE.

4- Save again your code and then Compile your code using a shortcut key (Alt+F9) or go to direct compile menu.

5-After the code has compiled without an error, then run your code using the shortcut key (Ctrl+F9) or go to the direct Run menu.

You have pointed out that not all the lines of this program perform actions when your code is executed, there is a line containing a comment (beginning with //). There is a line with a directive for the preprocessor (beginning with #). There is a line that defines a function (main). & finally, a line with a statements ending with a semicolon (the insertion into cout). Which is inside the braces of the main function

First C++ Program of displaying Hello….!! 


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